Imagine a place...

…A big open grassy space, surrounded by trees, within easy reach from Norwich City Centre. Children of all ages are running around playing, some are climbing trees, some are digging in the earth. Some are gardening, growing food, whilst others are engaged in crafts, in woodwork, in group projects, in planning. Still others are swinging in hammocks reading, and some are playing castles with a pile of straw bales…


The older children help the younger children freely. Problems and challenges are discussed and dealt with in a democratic way. The adults are chatting, drinking tea, also planning and facilitating activities, workshops and events for the children and for themselves for future days at the field, based on what they and the children are currently interested in with regards growing, animal keeping, permaculture, woodwork, trees, insects, anything to do with outdoor life! In fact, one of the parents is currently helping some of the children to identify the wildflowers on site. In the future we hope that over in one corner a couple of beehives will be buzzing with activity, echoing the purposeful play and freedom of the people on site.

The space is populated by a group of 3 colourful caravans and sheds – each one having a purpose; an office, a kitchen, a tool shed, a crafts room, a lounge area and more. There is a large polytunnel and various large vege beds in the sunniest spot on site, along with a young orchard recently planted by everyone, a pond, a herb area, a willow growing area and more, plus a food forest is in its early stages.


Nearby are compost toilets and a hand washing station. A large pile of straw bales rises and gets pulled down daily depending on the children’s games. A semicircle of willow – to be woven together by the children – will create an amphitheatre area with log and plank seating where meetings can take place, also plays can be performed and an outdoor cinema can be set up in the summer evenings. A big open space allows for bigger workshops and demonstrations, such as circus skills, tai chi, yoga, or just big games.

A large coup will be built to house a friendly group of chickens that the children help to look after, and they can also collect the eggs. A fire pit is nearby along with a big stash of wood to burn. The children learn to light fires and cook the food they grow over the campfire. In the summer there are occasional camps on site, overnight adventures in the darkness. 


Every Tuesday

Hub Members gathering

11am onwards

Bring crafts, games & activities plus anything else you wish to find there...

Next date: 4/06/2019

It is possible that in the future we can get goats for milk, and maybe sheep for wool. Also possibly a small pony to encourage confidence around bigger animals and animal husbandry skills, as well as to teach basic riding skills. Animals are seen as a great way for everyone to increase self confidence, also to develop gentleness, compassion and a caring attitude, as well as learning about birth, reproduction and death.

Tutors are being sought to bring in relevant extra skills for the children and adults alike, in order to grow ourselves and our lovely four acre site with regards skills, knowledge and abilities, with a view to producing our own food and products from the land whilst having fun and growing friendships.


The above scenario we have envisaged is a vision - becoming reality - of what we wish to create for our local community, with both children and adults in mind. We have a multi-generational group, all helping and learning from each other. We firmly believe in the handing down of skills, knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation, especially regarding the growing and cultivation of food. To blend this with the ideas and fresh energy of the younger generations is an exciting prospect, one that deserves the space and time to grow and flourish naturally.

 We are lucky enough to have a field that is suitable for all our needs and now just need to secure further funding to enable us to develop our vision, and so much more! We have already received a grant from the National Lottery.

The field is a fairly blank canvas ready for us to do with as we choose. It is 4 acres, so plenty big enough for many different projects!

Membership is just £10 per family per week, payable monthly in advance via direct debit (£43.33 monthly).

We welcome new members, with ideas and keen energy to get involved. We also welcome sponsorship and funding opportunities. We will, in time, be able to take our products and skills out into the wider community and to events in order to share with and inspire others.


We are currently a group of 10 families who have a shared vision. Between us we have children of varying ages and whom have varying interests. We are currently looking for a few more families to join - if you are keen to find out more, and can offer enthusiasm, ideas and energy to the group, then please read on...

Please read through our website and get in touch if you are in any way interested to find out more, and hopefully join us in some way :-)

‘When you plant a tree, every leaf that grows will tell you what you sow will bear fruit. So, if you have any sense my friend, don’t plant anything but love’ Rumi

‘Children must never work for our love, they must rest in it’ Gordon Neufeld

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