Some of our current PROJECTS...


We now have three caravans in a group. We have painted two of them in this fetching camouflage design to enable them to blend in with the surroundings. This big caravan is the childrens caravan, where they can play inside, sit quietly, hide etc... The tiny caravan will be a storage space and our newest one is being turned into a kitchen/lounge area with clean dry storage for plates, cups etc..  


We have good relations with many local tree surgeons who regularly come and tip their wood chip at the field for free. we use it for many things: creating a smooth mud free car parking area, suppressing nettles around the tyre swing and sandpit, suppressing nettles and brambles along the pathways and around the site, using as mulch in the growing beds, and it is great fun in the general play areas as the children love to climb the wood chip piles!


Last summer we built this lovely urine separating compost loo which is housed in a green bell tent. Soon we plan to build a wooden structure around instead of the tent, to create a more solid space. We are also in the process of creating a urinal space for the boys and men to use as they find having to sit down to pee a bit tricky sometimes. 


And fruit too... So, since the field is agricultural use we are keen to grow some food! We bought this polytunnel with some of the grant money we received from The National Lottery last October. We also have created a large outdoor growing area and a permaculture food forest orchard area.


We had a great permaculture day last November with Hannah Thorogood, a permaculture teacher from Lincolnshire. She helped us to focus on the layout of the field, also on our needs and requirements, as well as on the natural aspects and any impact we may have on our special space. It was very useful and informative, inspiring us to rethink our plans up to that point and move things around. for benefits we hadn't seen before.


So far we have had social gatherings for May Day, Midsummer, Apple Day in September, Halloween, a Christmas party, Winter Solstice, Easter and more. We have 'Birthday Biscuits' when it is any of the children's birthdays, and we all sign a card. ​

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